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I'm a passionate creative visionary with a passion for the intersection between technology and I'm really hard-headed focused on how to build the future I know is possible for my team and our world. I always make a joke to many friends of mine that I affectionately have an unequal problem with power dynamics, which is to say I'm a bit of a control freak. Before you throw your red flags high in the air, let me explain. For all the hard-headed vision I equally bring empathy and vulnerability to my team. I often can't help but wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to working with my team. Sound like a contradiction? You're telling me, because I have to deal with that as my own boss every day.

History & Background

Ignoring the side-hustles for candy & lego money in elementary school: I started my first venture on my 13th birthday. My uncle sold me his old lawnmower for $40.00 and I told my father "I'll get a customer today". After packing up the lawnmower we got home around 6:00PM on a September night and I pushed my lawnmower around to the tallest lawns in the neighborhood until I was hired by my first customer. I returned home around 9:30PM with my $40.00 investment back in my pockets. I operated this business each summer until I was 15, using the funds to buy a studio-grade computer and launch my own web-design consultancy.

From age 15-21 I built websites, web apps, and other automated systems for small local businesses, government entities, and enterprises. With each project I further realized two fundamental truths:

  1. Most companies don't know how to balance technology & business in a healthy ratio
  2. Business owners can suck to deal with. I want to build my my own product with a team.

The second truth hurt more with each project until I found myself procrastinating on client work to focus on hobby gaming projects. For those paying attention I didn't say I was playing games, but working on projects for gaming. Eventually, this got closer and closer to what was really burn-out related to operating a sole proprietorship and not knowing how to balance working on the business and in the business. I was tired of chasing revenue instead of being paid and being able to work on my own pace. I was also tired of dealing with greedy and cheap business owners who wouldn't pay, despite rent being due. I'll talk more about my burn-out and the process of closing that business in other blog posts.

For details on what happened next check my startup:

Nodecraft CEO & Co-Founder
Nodecraft CEO & Co-Founder