Techlahoma Founding Member & Former Board Member

Techlahoma Founding Member & Former Board Member

If you're a software engineer, apart of a tech startup, or have any career in technology in Oklahoma you'll probably know what Techlahoma is:

My vision for Oklahoma is that we're much like a startup. We, as a state, have some baggage which limits the growth of the people who live here, but have world class talent, capacities, and a genuine culture of positivity. We're often underestimated, and overlooked as a result, but our biggest problems is the lack of uniting each other and telling our stories. When I discovered Techlahoma I knew that this organization supported that from the tech industry and knew I had to help where I could.

In the organization I held titles from Volunteer of the Year all the way up to Board Member. Through that time I worked on:

  • Hosting world class tech conferences complete with hundreds of participants, multiple speaker tracks, and even giving talks
  • Leading the team that setup live-streaming and recording meetups, talks, and conferences on
  • Providing consultation with the board for how to operate and grow the community
  • Developing and deploying custom-build software to operate the non-profit
  • Working with the meetup leaders, speakers, and attendees for their dozens of meetups each month

My only regret is that I had to leave the organization to focus on my startup. I simply didn't have enough time to focus on my family, startup, and the non-profit as a volunteer. I hope to return to Techlahoma should I successfully exit Nodecraft and move on. It's a subject I held too close to my heart and simply couldn't step away from without feeling like I was letting the entire organization and it's members down.